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You could always use a 3rd party product that has supported this since R4.1
~Umberto Nongeroson 6.Jan.04 09:16 PM a Web browser
Applications Development 6.5; 6.0.2 CF2; 6.0.2 CF1; 6.0.2; 6.0.1 CF3; 6.0.1 CF2; 6.0.1 CF1; 6.0.1; 6.0 Windows 2000, Windows XP

It is unlikely that this issue alone would justify use of a third party product, but if you want to overcome the various problems with ND6 rich text manipulation (e.g., nested tables, insertion in sections, find & replace), and add significant additional functionality (e.g., sorting tables, automatic cross-index links, dynamic layers), our Midas Rich Text LSX has been around and widely used for several major generations of Notes/Domino, and still supports R4.5x through ND6.5x. This particular functionality (inserting inside a section) has been available and working since Midas Version 1.0 was released in July 1997. How many more years/versions are you willing to wait?

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. . . . . . You could always use a 3rd party pr... (~Yentl Quetkrot... 6.Jan.04)

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